In March of 1960 Dr. and Mrs. R.B. Spires donated 10 acres of land located at 1477 South County Highway 393 for a church. A congregation moved into the original building in July of 1961 and the present sanctuary was added to the original building in 1974.

Over the years the ten acre campus has served the church needs of the community well. Currently the need for facility expansion exists to provide needed space for expanding ministries. It is our proposal to invest monies in new facilities that carries on our tradition of community service and hospitality in a safer, better designed and up to date facility.

Our needs are simple—to expand with facilities that are capable of continuing what we do. The additional space will allow us to:

  • Accommodate our large group gatherings
  • Accommodate our meal capacity
  • Accommodate small training and educational rooms
  • Accommodate large multipurpose area for activities for children, youth and adults
  • Accommodate community groups already using our facility
  • Accommodate outdoor worship experiences
  • Accommodate retreat and housing capability for small groups

projected costs:


  • amphitheater
  • courtyards
  • playfields
  • playgrounds
  • Stations of the Cross Walking Path
  • total campus development [$500,000]


  • family life center [$4,000,000]
  • chapel [$2,000,000]
  • reception/retreat building [$1,000,000]
  • retreat/respite cottages [5 @ $500,000: $2,500,000]
  • sanctuary [$4,000,000]
  • landscape + gardens [$500,000]
  • total facilities development [$14,000,000]


  • total land use development [$14,500,000]


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